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I moved to Miami from Toronto a year ago and I had my parents ship out a total of 6 boxes I had packed with my personal belongings in it. They made it all the way down south with no issues. The five of the six boxes arrived in time. The driver tells me that my sixth box (total sum value of appx $14k) will be coming on the following business day (being Monday since my boxes got delivered Friday). Monday comes around and still nothing so I call Customer Service n they open an investigation. I called almost every single day for that whole month to keep track of the investigation. These customer reps literally read off a script given to them to stall you every time no matter what you say to them. Either theyll tell you something different and get your hopes up (but for all u know theyre b.sing to make u lay off for a while) or they dont know s***. I dont understand how every single rep can say something different when they are all trained to the same extent as each other.

Anyways, after 2 weeks of hustling to try to get in touch with the person in charge of the investigation, I finally got a call from Jennifer. She asked me for details of my contents (size, brands, colors etc) n mind you, my box was pretty unique because a) it had used clothes in it that I can describe and provide pictures for, b) i had Indian clothes from my wedding packed in zipper bags underneath n c) i packed a canvas collage with my pictures on it. So you just cant go wrong with identifying the box.

She gets the details off me n disappears for a week. Then she finally calls n tells me that so far they have found nothing. The box was last scanned physically in Jacksonville FL. According to tracking, it made it to Miami but never got physically scanned so there was no way of knowing if it really did get there or not. Luckily, I got a friend working at the hub where my pckg was allegedly being kept. He gave me the inside detail of what goes on in there. The packages in most trailers come damaged and broken. Which makes sense because the other 5 boxes were pretty beat up, but things were still intact except one frame that broke but whatever. He said that hes seen 80 lb pckgs sitting on 10 lb boxes in these trailers, boxes unorganized, just thrown around. More than likely, my box being a heavy 50 lb box is probably badly damaged. Damaged boxes are taken out of trailer n labelled n thrown aside. They dont scan it because if they do then theyre liable for the damages so they just take pictures n leave it on the side to sit there until further notice.

Now if the box is damaged but contents are in tact, theyll repackage it but in my case, its my lifes worth of clothes in there n theres no way of knowing whats missing n whats not. So acc to my friend, they'd rather pay u than release ur package to u for fear that there will be a lawsuit filed for missing items. They dont touch it, they dont repckg it. They let it sit there till 5 months r up n then theyll auction it. AND NO ONE WILL EVER ADMIT TO YOU THAT THEY HAD THE PACKAGE BUT IT WAS DAMAGED. Thats what p***** me off. Im willing to sign a waiver for the box n take it with me as is, but atleast tell me you have it. This Jennifer simply said they found 4 lost boxes n none of them r mine. I call bulls***. They lose thousands of packages on a daily n they only look in the lost n found section, not the damaged section. So the investigation is bogus. She makes a call from Virginia n relies on some incompetent lazy worker to tell her that he looked everywhere in that 25000 sq ft facility for that one box n couldnt find it. And she relays that info to me. No hard work done n im sitting here going into serious anxiety n depression thinking about it.

Now im trying to get in touch with Corporate n the media ..anyone who can help me get my box out. All 6 boxes came together in one trailer the whole way . I know my 6th box did too. They just never scanned it because it was damaged n no one will touch it so no one will know its there. Im lucky enough to atleast know that much. I feel bad for those who wont even get that far n will eventually quit after relying on those fools sitting at customer service to just tell them that their package disappeared into thin air. Ridiculous. Do not use UPS. They only try to save their a** n if it means compromising your property, they will do just that.

They've closed my case with absolutely no closure to me other than that they dont have it. When asked what couldve possibly happened, they blamed the CBP for mishandling labels on the box when it first arrived on the border. How ridiculous is that story? Theyll say anything but admit that they messed up. And being a person who suffers from anxiety and chronic depression, UPS has done nothing short of giving me grievances.

I just want my box back. No money can replace the emotional value of the contents in that box. My wedding dresses are in there and they were custom made from abroad. I am currently living on 2 months of clothes (some that I brought with me and others that I bought here). Im running out of options. Plz help me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Jul 28, 2016.
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