UPS is a f***ing, joke. Fed Ex beats them by miles.

I ordered the Samsung Note 4 and two days later was able to track it. There were three other packages with phones for the family. On the tracking page at the top, it said delivery scheduled for 10/20 by end of day "on time"for all three packages. I wait all day, and two of the packages are delivered, not to our address, but to the neighbor's which Pissed me off already.

Our neighbor brings it over thank god. Then I wait for the rest of the day thinking mine would be here by 7:00ish the same day as it said. 6:00 rolls around so I check the tracking to see if it moved AT ALL then the delivery date changed to the next day. I wasted my whole day waiting on their sorry *** since, first off all, they cant read addresses to save their lives, and IF they find the right address, they just leave the *** there and *** like a bat outta *** before you can even get to the door.

Now I have to wait a second day. Seriously, they just need to stop. Their service is *** and they don't help with anything you ask.

FEX EX is the ***. Fast and "ON TIME DELIVERY" for real

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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