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It was an Amazon order which suppose to be delivered by the end of today. The package end up at my neighbors front door after I tracked the delivery status and walked down the street to check each of my neighbors doors. (It's not the first time)

I called ups cs since this isn't the first time and I have concerns for the miss delivery by the driver.

The first representative asked me to call Amazon to report the issue. (Since when Amazon owns UPS?). When I asked the representative's name, his Mic started to have static noise. (We talked about 10 minutes, never had any static noise. I wondered why all of sudden I wasn't able to even hear his name? ). Sure enough, I got disconnected right after.

Not to give up, called UPS CS again to express my concerns. This time the representative told me the driver used his best judgement to leave the package in front of my neighbors door. (Again, I was at home waiting. The driver did not ring my bell but instead left a package to my unavailable neighbor.) I'm sorry, but that was a lame excuse. The second representative also instructed me to write a delivery instruction next time. (Instruction? Instruction for their driver to check the correct house number before delivery? REALLY?).

Seriously, how hard is it for UPS to admit their mistakes. I wonder if UPS received enormous amount of complains, and thats why their responses were extremely defensive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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