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They are so incredibly *** it hurts my brain to even attempt to image how they justify operating in such an illogical and irreprehensibly *** manner.

So, I saw that my package was scheduled to be delivered to my apartment in between 11:15 and 3:15p. I, like most upstanding intelligent Americans work from 9 to 5, Mon through Fri. So the night before delivery I decided to go ahead and spend the five dollars to have my package left at a UPS store less than a mile from my house. The next day I receive an email stating that my package would not arrive at my local UPS store for another day. So, I call "Customer Service" and say "Why should it take an extra 24 hours to drop my package off less than a mile from its originally intended drop off location?" Their answer "Processing". What year is it again? Oh that's right 2014, we've got the internet, computers in our pockets thousands of times more powerful than a desktop was 5-10 years ago, and cars that run on hydrogen and produce water. For *** sake, i can instantly communicate with nearly anyone on the planet with the press of a few buttons and in 12 hours somehow UPS can't manage to communicate that a singular package needs to be delivered less than a mile from its original location. Utterly amazing.

So, right now my package is being "processed" (sitting on a shelf somewhere) and I am apparently not allowed to even come pick it up till it is finished being "processed". I'm so glad I paid five dollars to have my package held hostage for a day.

You are the absolute worst at everything you do UPS.

I will never ever use UPS ever again.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #881392

I believe it is time to take some action.It is apparent that absolutely NO ONE at UPS gives a ******* about the company.

Customer service reps are rude and provide no meaningful resolutions to any problem, drivers are liars and management is always in a meeting.What a shamble of a company!

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