Chicago, Illinois

Apparently drivers are permitted to just drop packages anywhere. We live at the end of a long lane and in the winter it gets icy.

I have no problem with the driver not wanting to come down the lane where he might get stuck, but he just leaves packages along the road next to the rural mailbox. Last night I saw via tracking that a package supposedly had been delivered. We had been home all day. The delivery said "Lane," so I trekked up to the end of the lane and sure enough there were two packages lying in a snow bank in the middle of a sleet storm.

I had not know we were getting another and if I had not gone up to check for the first package, the package, clearly marker "perishable" fruit would have been frozen. I fail to see why they can't call and say they were unable to deliver because of the ice and would we please pick it up.

I would have been happy to oblige. Very bad service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I totally agree & have been experiencing the same thing since our previous driver retired.


I need to know if ups personnel deliver items into the home or must they leave them outside the door. I'm referring to heavy items.


I used to be a driver and their is no way a driver has 300 deliveries in a day. No even close.


:( :( I am furious I ordered something on Wednesday and it was shipped on Thursday . Since I knew I was going to be out on a business triip I called ups before they delivered asking if I could pick up the package.

They said to me, the driver has to at least deliver the package one time and then I can schedule a pick up. Okay I thought I will do that. I come home on Friday and found an invoice stating that my package was left at "Labor Ready" this is a business establishment located at 224 main street not 226 main street. I called ups cutomer service and she they told me this was common and its called leaving at a neighbors area.

She siwd she would call and talk to them. I wasn't satified I wasnted to speak to a manager, clearly she does not know ups policy that a package can not be left at a neighbor unless ups is authorized to do so in writting by recipient. Not to mention the sender required a signature. Suppose the person who signed for it tells me they never got it or they damaged what was in it...smh I spoke to her supervisor he says it occassionally it does happen, so I wnated to know how do u ensure it doesn't happen again he transers me to file a claim stating what was in the package and how much it was worth and the weight.

Hey I wouldn't b soo upset if I didn't pay over $380 for the mechandise..Fedex has delivered my tags for my car, my registeration and mypaycheck, all requiring signatures. Supposed FedEx did what ups did, I would be in the same position I am in now..


I am expecting a package and according to the tracking number it will be delivered on Thursday. If I am out on Thursday and Friday, will the package delivered to me on Monday or would it be sent back to the shipper? How do I fo about requesting UPS to hold it for me?



There is no excuse for leaving boxes on the side of the road but....UPS does not supply it's drivers with cell phones(calls that are made are charged to ones personal phone bill.) As drivers are constantly on the move it is difficult for the local center to locate exactly when and where a driver will be. It's a tough position for the driver given bad weathr conditions. My suggestion, request will call or try and set something up with your local driver, which will work except for his days off when there is a coverage driver.


Today, there WASN'T even a slip showing an attempt when I got home today! Oh, I checked, only because I remembered thatit was scheduled for this week, and it had blown into the bushes! If I hadn't checked, I wouldn't have even known!

It is covered with the usual scribbles so one doesn't have a clue. (These forms are worse than ever.)

And of course this means I wont see it until Monday, as they are off Thursday and Friday and don't deliver on weekends.

I now ALWAYS specify any shipper EXCEPT ups whenever I order anything that needs to be shipped. USPS works best, for me, for these small packages. But not all vendors have the option, or only some 'next-day' lunacy.


:( UPS is very unprofessional. My husband and I ordered a package which was shipped UPS.

Despite my being at home, no package was delivered for days. One of the days that my husband and I went out the door of our apartment we found a "failed delivery" slip in the middle of the floor (between four doors, each labeled as apartment A, B, C, or D). The slip had nothing written in the "package sent to" slot and was simply a scribble in the "from" slot. We had no way of knowing if it was about our package or one of our neighbors'.

After our package did not come the next day and we found a similar slip of paper in the middle of the apartment complex's floor, we called UPS. We came to find that apparently UPS had "attempted to deliver the package" three times (I don't know why it's difficult to knock on the door) and when my husband rushed to the UPS office to pick up the package the day of the third "failed attempt" it was not there as they had proceeded to ship it back to the sender.

Now we're out $75 and since the closest UPS office (45 minutes away) is only open for 3 hours a day, it was quite inconvenient to find out that they did not have the customer service policy that FedEx has where they're courteous enough to hold your package for ten days before they ship it back, giving the customer a grace period to pick up their package in such a situation. I'm very dissatisfied.


the driver has about 300 deliveries a day to make in pre Xmas period. If he would like to contact every single person if there is an issue, it would take him forever to do his route.

The driver is not familiar with every single address on his route. If you see that might be an issue, especially in the winter conditions, contact CS before hand, so they hold the package at the station for you to pick it up.