UPS Delivery people are not held accountable for the way they deliver a package however poorly it is done unless it is a package has to be signed for or damage is proven and reported!! Can you believe this??????

After I had to watch a package delivered with ((no knock on the door to let me know it was being delivered)) it rolled off our steps down our sidewalk and slammed on the ground, (and I With my Neuropathy and bad back) had to go out to retrieve it, then I pulled something in my stomach trying to lift the package I had no idea was that heavy and I had to get it at least onto our porch so no one could steal it till Jason gets home to pick it up because I have an appointment and can't just watch over it. I am OUTRAGED AT THE AUDACITY OF WHAT I WAS TOLD WHEN I CALLED TO MAKE A COMPLAINT!!!!

As far as I am concerned UPS won't get anymore of my business and I plan on letting everyone I know What has happened! — feeling annoyed.

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if you watched him deliver it the knock or bell makes no sense, you knew he was there, no? They don't have to carry in the house for you, they deliver to the door, and it would have been left even if you weren't home until Jason got home.

to reasoning #746049

I wish "reasoning" would go back to 2nd grade for a class on reading comprehension. Your troll-posts make no sense. Are you in prison?


UPS does not hold people accountable like they should.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #744983

Bad deliveryman. Contact the company that shipped the product to you and complain.

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