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I've suffered of UPS twice within a month, but similarly with earlier cases it has been the same hassle, uncertainty, stress and failed deliveries.

We live in a condo building and are both working so UPS is a very inconvenient delivery method for us. 1) We need to arrange a work-from-home day to be available when the delivery comes, 2) most of the time the courier doesn't even bother to use the buzzer and reports a failed delivery attempt. So even if we're at home we will miss the delivery.

My latest experiences:

1) Two weeks ago I was waiting a delivery from Costco. Twice UPS attempted to deliver but failed ("The customer was not available..."). Then I called and magically the delivery was successful in the following day. We live in a condo building and have the buzzer connected to cellphone. UPS customer service confirmed that they have right address and buzzer code in the delivery.

2) Similar case happened today with another delivery. This time the excuse was "The receiver is not listed on the building directory." I called the customer service and was told that they have the right address and buzzer code. Another attempt tomorrow. *sigh*

I only wish all companies would use Canada Post. With them I can always pick up the delivery from a conveniently located Post Office. Using UPS is a huge downside for any online Store.


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next time go to costco get you junk ,wait in line ,when its your turn home and VOILA problem solved..SIMPLE solutions for SIMPLE PEOPLE


my ups will deliver attempt twice in one day while i am working. when i get home and call to set a delivery day they say they must attempt 3 times in consecutive days.

i tell them i will not be home the following day, but they say they must attempt anyway, then after that they have fulfilled their responsibility and it would be up to me to pick it up at the ware house. the ware house here is 40 miles away. really! does this sound logical to anyone.

by simply resetting the delivery for a day i would be home would have solved the problem. whenever i find out a package is being delivered via usp, i cringe, especially if it is heat sensitive medications.

i think they prefer customers to pick up their packages so really they do nothing more than paste stickers on ppls doors. to businesses, please give your customers a choice of carrier so i can avoid ups like a bad tooth ache.


That's exactly what happened to me yesterday,there service stinks


I have had similar problems with UPS never attempting delivery, yet having the status "attempted delivery". When I do get things from UPS it is often later in the day, so I presume I'm at the end of their route.

Today is different though. A package which was out for delivery before 6am yesterday was never delivered. The package was not scanned as being returned to the warehouse. The dispassionate drone supervisor can only tell me to have the shipper start a trace on it.

Moral of the story... use FedEx. I've never had a problem with FedEx.


I can only second your complain... I like ordering day-to-day items online for the simple convenience but, as soon as the online store ships the ordered items using UPS, I know for fact that I would not receive the package.

As you said, online store, such as, should never use UPS,Fedex or any other fast delivery services unless the customer specify it. When a customer simply selects "standard" delivery, the online store should understand that it means to use the post office services (CanadaPost or USPS in my case)...