My complaint certainly isn't as serious as some, but nonetheless I am livid with UPS. I don't understand why UPS delivers soooo late in the day!

I was home all day and they delivered at 8:30 pm, at the one time I was out for the day. And without my knowledge, they wouldn't just leave the package. Which means I am going to lose a whole other day waiting on UPS to deliver things I need for my business. And the hoops I had to jump through to figure out how to authorize them to leave a package, my gosh.

I had to open an account with UPS and then open a My UPS Choice account.

It's ridiculous! And apparently it takes a whole day to process a request for them to hold the package so I can pick it up, which doesn't help at all!

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #715432

Thats what happens when Management cuts the # of Drivers, they are on the street longer.

The Drivers do what they can.


Drivers have routes you know. Your the last stop apparently on the route. Call the terminal in the morning and tell them you are expecting a package and hold it for pickup.

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