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So I have far too many incidents with UPS, and I've had it all. They've damaged packages and blamed it on me, they've openly walked up to my front door and left a note without knocking or ringing the bell.

***, I've even opened the door to them either walking away or putting the notice on the door. Really UPS? Anyway, I've since moved to an apartment, where most of my mail is delivered via Canada Post. However, recently I filed a warranty claim with Razer over a defective laptop I received from them.

They accepted the return without issue, and shipped a replacement due to arrive 1-3 business days later. All seems fine right? Well, the problems begin when I get an email informing me that UPS had been tasked with "delivering" my new laptop. Everything went smoothly until the item was listed as "out for delivery".

I have the day off, and as such am home all day. My apartment uses an intercom system, where the buzzer connects directly to my phone. You ring, I get a phone call to let you in. However, delivery companies like UPS typically (99.999% of the time) don't need to buzz to be let in, as there is a front desk officer whom collects packages.

This individual will let them in without question. Now, when I checked the tracking info, I was greeted with an exception. So, naturally I called UPS to get to the bottom of this, and was promptly informed that the driver had allegedly attempted to deliver my package, but needed an access code to enter my building. FALSE FACT #1.

Had the driver even entered the building, he/she would have noticed that the intercom doesn't accept codes - you have to search for the resident's name to call them. Also, the driver alleges that they did not have my mobile number to call me about letting them in. FALSE FACT #2. Upon contacting Razer, I found that they did in fact provide UPS with literally all necessary information to get this package to me.

The final false fact is the best of all, though. The customer service turd told me with perfect composure, that the driver had stated that there was no front desk employee to let them in. Now, this is sometimes true, as the officer typically walks around to patrol every hour or so for about 15 minutes. However, as I am home all day, I went downstairs to ask her about the incident.

The report came at 10:36 a.m. She swears up and down that she was present during that time, as the Canada Post van arrived about 10 minutes later (corroborated by security cam video she showed me). I received 3 packages from Amazon (originally expected to arrive TOMORROW) that arrived early and with literally no issue. They were shipped with Canada Post..

I ended the call with dispatch saying that there will be someone to let the driver in, and if not to search for MY NAME THAT IS CLEARLY VISIBLE ON THE PACKAGE to ring my buzzer. I was promised that they would have the driver come back before the end of the day. I don't expect that to happen, nor do I expect anything to change. They will fail this delivery a second and third time, and I will have to drive about 30 minutes to pick up the laptop that was probably at the warehouse the whole time.

Rinse, repeat. WAY TO GO UPS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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