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When your UPS drivers make their own rules and interrogate your customers....

Here's my fun UPS story. I don't expect or care for any action at this point because I will avoid your service at ALL costs - even if it means discontinuing ordering from some of my beloved vendors - but figured I would share. Sometime last year, about six months ago, my husband ordered a duffle bag from L.L. Bean. I operate a small business from my home. I ship often, I receive often - I NEVER have issues with any of my carriers. Well, this particular duffle bag (all of this is over a duffle bag) shows that it was delivered; however, we never received it. The first and only problem we've had with a parcel service in my 30 years of life. Heck, I didn't even know my husband ordered the bag so I was kind of caught off guard when our UPS man banged on my door and proceeded to interrogate me about where the package was. Honestly, I probably looked like a thief in the moment because I was completely shocked to be treated like a criminal at my own home and over a package that I didn't even know existed. The driver even had me call my husband at his job to ask him questions about the package. I even had a few packages to the side of my door that were delivered within the last week and he had a peek through to see that, "hey, these are the packages that I have received. I'm so sorry I don't have this one." Although a little irritated and REALLY uncomfortable about him intimidating me over the package while I was home alone, I just brushed it off.

Next UPS delivery comes around and I'm not home. God forbid because now my UPS guy will not deliver to my home without a signature, regardless of the shipper's instructions. No big deal but the next day I literally had to sit at my home all day and stare out of my window, getting nervous if the kids got too loud because I may be unable to hear him pull up. Sometimes he knocks, sometimes he doesn't - guess is just depends on how his day is going. Finally at 6pm, I'm eating dinner at my sister's house next door and I have her curtains open wide so I don't miss my delivery. I hear him pull up and dart next door so he doesn't *** with my package again. After this ordeal, I just avoid ordering anything that I even think will have to ship UPS. I have enough responsibility in my home. I can't be at UPS' beck and call too.

Well Christmas rolls around and I have to do the dreaded - ship via UPS. Most nights Big Brown strolled through the neighborhood with his extra loud diesel after midnight, left a note on the door saying that he attempted delivery (laughable), and we just had to pray that he would make the next day's deliveries during daylight so we could actually get our merchandise. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't. My husband was waiting on an important shipment around this time and got fed up with the diesel parked outside of our home after midnight, so he called the local office and complained. Never got a call back.

Well, finally you guys have hit my last nerve today. I was waiting on a shipment for my business. A shipment that I need to get orders out by tomorrow (not happening now). My toddler just laid down for a nap and my husband was out in the yard cutting grass. I hear the bangs on the door but if I move, she awakes and then the rest of our day is spent hostage to a grumpy one year old. Silly me, I assumed my husband would either see the UPS guy or vice versa. Didn't happen and he left his usual note on my door saying that the sender required a signature - which isn't true. I immediately called the local office again and spoke to Mia. I told Mia that I had a complaint. I explained how frustrated I was that I was interrogated months ago and that now our UPS guy will not deliver without a signature. Without even asking for my address, she proceeds to tell me in a very *** tone "I'm sorry you feel that way but MY UPS guy is following the procedure for an area that has recently had a claim." I can't even count on both hands how many times she said "MY UPS GUY" as if it was her team against mine. Anyway, I've worked in transportation logistics before. I understand the procedures for delivering to high risk areas. My area is not high risk. My address is not high risk. We've had one issue at this address in over 20 years (It's my childhood home).When I called UPS Corporate, he said there wasn't any kind of flag on my address so it appears that Mr. UPS is making his own rules. I guess he showed us. Whew - she got me fired up. Especially since she didn't even KNOW MY ADDRESS to determine if he was following proper protocol. So I did it, I called the UPS driver an *** - honestly, that's how he acted that day and every day that he delivers a package but I probably shouldn't have said it out loud. BUT, your supervisor Mia, probably shouldn't have hung up in my face either. I called back to get her name because she refused to tell me before she hung up in my face and she gave it and then hung up again. Real professionals you have working on all ends. If my area is so high risk, I doubt he would have delivered my neighbor's package today without a signature that is valued at far more than my $40 fabric.

So, today is the day that I draw the line that should have been drawn months ago... I quit, UPS. I will NEVER, EVER order anything that requires a UPS delivery. I shipped 27 packages last week via USPS without a single issue AND my USPS driver will go over the moon - even coming back later in the day to get more packages - to make sure I'm happy. I think I'll keep him employed. Oh, and my FedEx guy. He's pretty great too. Maybe you guys should take a page out of their book.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No one from UPS will see this.

You posted this on a board not owned or monitored by UPS.

Though, I do know a Driver, and when they deliver and a person claims they did not receive the shipment, the Driver pays for that out of his or her own check.

Check youtube, countless vids of folks stealing packages left by delivery personnel.

You might wish to complain to UPS, and not some random site.