My husband is a UPS driver for all you whiney people. He works HARD MANUAL LABOR for 10-11 hour days in ice, snow, and heat.

Every SECOND of his existence while working is monitored electronically by sensors in his package car and DIAD, his handheld device. His boss knows if he stops to listen to you for 1 minute and how long he is in the bathroom. Drivers work every second as hard and fast as they can! If your precious box isn't there on time it isn't his fault.

Believe me, he wants to get rid of your box so he doesn't have to see it the next day. How would you like to be monitored every minute you were at work? Seriously, think about it. All the stuff you do all day at your 8 hour job.

How much is work, hmm. Maybe 4, 5 hours? 6 if you have a deadline?

Drivers are HUMAN, have some compassion, and THANK them because I can tell you they get yelled at, threatened and treated like slaves by management. Sheesh!

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