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I had the misfortune of dealing with the same coonty UPS driver twice in the same week. First encounter was a little surprising, as the package I had ordered was supposed to be delivered regular post. Since I was only expecting a larger package, I answered the door, said "Hi," and stood there for a moment.

"Are you so-and-so?" she asks me, hotly.

I said, "Yep, that's me." and looked at the box.

"There's $76.38 in brokerage fees." she says flatly.

"Uh.... what is the package?" I asked, slightly dumbfounded. She then told me (complete with a snobby attitude, like I was not expecting UPS to be there... which I wasn't) and then it clicked.

"Oh, this was supposed to come regular mail... they told me I wouldn't have to pay to have it shipped."

"Well, " she says, rolling her eyes, "That's what my paperwork says, so..."

Okay, then. I'm standing there, processing. I was deciding if I really wanted to refuse delivery, since the package came from the States, and I'd have to reorder. She was shifting on my step, holding the package against the railing and huffing and acting like I was taking up too much of her time, so I said, "Okay, can I just write you a cheque?"

She snorts at me, "Uh... yeahuh?"

So I grab the cheque and pay and she's gone without batting an eye. Needless to say, she was completely rude and I hoped to never deal with her again.

Fast forward to today, and a heavier item I ordered (dresser) is out for delivery. It was already four days late, so I'm not really that impressed to begin with. Then lo an behold, the doorbell rings, and who do I come face to face with but Miss Perma-PMS UPS. She had my box on a dolly at the bottom of the stairs. I opened the screen door, again said "Hello," and then she barks at me,


I was like, "Oooookayyy..." and called me roommate over to help her. He ended up having to grab it OFF the dolly and maneuver it up the step himself, as she would not lift one sweet pinky finger to help. The millisecond it was off the dolly, she took off like a bat out of ***.

Not only was it upside down on the dolly, the corner of the box was beat to shite. Not very professional on any account.

Now, I understand everyone has bad days, but a little courtesy goes a long globbing way, especially when I did nothing to you personally. I have had so much delivered over the years, and although I don't really like UPS, I've never had an issue up until now.

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she barked "this package is 125 lbs"... i would have barked back, "but a woman can do anything a man can do"!

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