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This started two months ago when the delivery guy showed up and our dog barked at him - no attack, no baring of teeth... just a bark. The guy ordered my husband to put the dog in the house, before my husband could do so or even reply, the guy turned on his heels and started to leave saying that he would have his supervisor call us. There was no call from the supervisor and, as no notice was left, we had little to no information as to where to call or pickup the item. Furthermore, that item (a box of wine) was returned to the vintner. (Remember UPS was paid for home delivery!)

Meanwhile, I had ordered a TV for home delivery. It was inexplicably put on pickup. I called the seller, the seller and I called UPS together and the delivery was rescheduled for home delivery. Without explanation the reschedule was changed to pickup. I called again, the delivery was rescheduled for home delivery. Then, inexplicably, it was changed to pickup. I called again with the same results (pickup changed to home, then back to pickup). I finally located the UPS office address in Cerritos and drove 25 minutes only to find myself at the UPS store in Cerritos, not the "hub"... the "hub" was even further away. (This confusion apparently happens so often, that the store hands out printouts of how to get to the "hub" from their store.)

Finally at the "hub", I asked for my package and told the very scattered brained woman my story. She checked this and that on the computer, went from one end of the office to the other and back a couple of times doing nothing but running around. I finally asked her out right if we were on a black list and she did not answer the question but, rather, ran out of the room. She came back with my TV. I have a bad arm and she helped me put the TV in the car but she never answered the question of the blacklisting. (Remember UPS was paid for home delivery!)

Now, the wine has been reshipped for home delivery and has suddenly been scheduled for pickup. We called and rescheduled for home delivery. Surprise! It was rescheduled for pickup. Our next call elicited the fact that the delivery person has, indeed, filed a report on us and we are, in fact, on a blacklist due to lies by an oversensitive delivery man and are apparently without recourse. Now it looks as if we will have to pick this up ourselves. (Remember UPS has been paid TWICE for this delivery to our home!!)

These days, when I order things, I ask how they will be delivered. If it's via UPS, I ask for another method. If there is no other method available, I cancel the order and inform the seller that the cancellation is due to UPS's smarmy blacklisting methods... that, and the fact they won't delivery anything anyway.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

UPS Cons: Being blacklisted by ups driver.

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