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I shop online relatively frequently, and try to avoid stores that ship via UPS at all costs. Here's why, I think this has been the 7th or 8th time that I am having an issue with delivery.

The first time I had an issue with UPS was in 2011. I ordered a few items from a beauty retailer website and I regularly check the status of the package daily. UPS tracking stated the package would be delivered on a certain date, and when the package was out for delivery I waited practically all day. By the time 9 PM came around I had given up, I got online to check if the package delivery was somehow postponed because they were busy (I am reasonable and wouldn't mind if the delivery date was moved to a later date due to the fact that the driver may have been too overwhelmed with all the deliveries that were scheduled that day).

However, the status update stated that a first attempt was made. I find this humorous especially since the word "attempt" was used when in fact I don't think they even got out of their truck. I live in an apartment with an intercom system that is fully functional and received no phone call about my package or a delivery at my front gate. If there was an attempt maybe I would have received a call but as far as I'm concerned their understanding of the word "attempt" is far from everyone else's standards.

I even checked my front gate to see if there was a notice left on the intercom or gate but nothing. I think this has happened about 8 times already...I didn't complain the first two times but after the third time I just couldn't let it go anymore. I complained every single time since then and so far no changes have been made to help make the situation better. It's the same incident every time I am to receive a delivery to the point where I'm never expecting my package on the delivery date, I just know I will receive it next day or the following Monday as they don't deliver weekends.

The manager of my UPS location (whomever manages the 90028 zip code, Los Angeles, CA area) never ceases to amaze me at her terrible customer service skills. I received a call from her and when I called back she was so unprofessional and did not try to help me resolve my issue. Nobody ever tries to help make sure it doesn't happen again. HOWEVER, after my ONE incident with FedEx they were extremely courteous and assured me it would never happen again; guess what?

It NEVER ever happened again, I have only nice things to say about my experiences with FedEx because they truly take care of their customers. I think UPS has stopped caring, heck, I don't even know if they ever cared to begin with, probably not.

I'm hoping maybe people will end up switching their shipping services and UPS wont be around anymore, so consumers can start paying for services that do their job and work. I never ship with UPS either, I'm afraid what would happen if I If I need to ship items out I always go with USPS or FedEx.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Safety Harbor, Florida, United States #575951

I'm expecting three packages from UPS today. All three packages' status: DELIVERED[D] - FRONT DOOR at 12:46PM.

Got home and checked the front door: no package.

Checked the garage: no package.

Checked around the house: no package.

UPS basically provide false status to trick the shippers to believed that they are doing their job but they are not. I filed a complaint with and hopefully they will do something about it.


Maybe in Michigan Fed Ex customer service is worse but in California I find that they take care of their customers great here. Taylor is right, UPS doesnt take the time to take care of those whol live in condos or apartments, well heck...I've even had friends who live in houses who say UPS isn't all bad.

However, considering the fact that most people in Large urban areas live in apartments and condos UPS needs to find a more efficient way to deliver. It's not hard to use an intercom...fed ex delivery drivers do it just fine.


Same thing happened to me today. Here I've been sitting here all day waiting for my package, even tracking the "progress" online every 10 minutes.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, and then supposed 1st attempt failed. Bull****! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so no service until Monday. Problem is I needed this package in order to even have a Thanksgiving, so now I'm screwed.

They don't care. I don't live too far from you Catherine, in Placentia, so maybe this is some Orange County thing. Btw...I also live in an apt, and I truly believe that that is the issue. Lazy and flat out Lying company.

I will not use them in the future.

Period. :(


Sorry, FedEx sucks *** and usps are best. I've had FedEx guys deliver to the wrong address, then get pissed when I refuse delivery of the replacement because the guy at the wrong address found me.

FedEx sells their routes to drivers who then rush through to meet quotas. FedEx sucks!

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