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UPS has returned my packages 3 times and the customer service sucks terribly!This is the worst worst carrier for package delivery.

I have 2 info notice in my hands one from 4/13/15 and one from 4/14/15 with one being the first attempt and the second being the final attempt. Calling the managers at UPS is pointless .

I was informed that there was a first delivery attempt on the 4/10 with GPS showing driver was at my location really? So were is that info notice? Why did the manager I spoke to yesterday did not see that? Why does my info notice on 4/13 says first attempt?

The package is being returned as the other two packages. Why should I pay $5 for UPS to hold my package?

Simply pathetic and careless! I will choose a different carrier for now.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Delivery, Poor customer service, Unethical business practices, Incompetent delivery driver.

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