UPS had the postal code for my city listed under a different city (I ordered a textbook from an online bookstore and they confirmed it was UPS's software that had the imbedded postal code error). I called FOUR times to their offshore south Pacific call Centre (which is useless) to try to correct the city amd was IGNORED.

messages never got sent.

called another 2 times and they don't know ***, can't tell me ***, won't put me through to a supervisor (none on duty), won't put me through to someone in North America AND said I might have to pay an extra charge to change the address WHICH they messed up. Still will not tell me where my package is, when or where it might be shipped. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY ridiculous.

I will not purchase anything from ANY company that deals with UPS again. $240 package possibly gone.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #853558


If you would like I work for a UPS Center. If you like you can send me an email at rewing@ups.com and I can take a look at it and email you back my findings.

We can see a lot more then you can on the Electronic Tracking System that we have.

I'm also sorry that you go such poor service.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #853522


I work for UPS, let me take a look at your tracking # and let me see if I can tell you anything you don't already know. Of If I can help move the ball along.


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