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Don't trust UPS to deliver at the time they state. I took 3 hours off work (unpaid) to be home for a delivery they said would come between 2 - 5, and what do they do?

Show us early! What does customer service say - that's just an generalized timeframe. I already pay for shipping when I ordered and now I can pay again to arrange for another time.

Is UPS making so much money they don't care about customer service or keeping their word? Don't use them and maybe they'll get the hint that customer service is what can make or break a company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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hey fucknut, instead of losing three hours of pay at the Taco bell, why didnt you just have it delivered to your work?


@Cheapskate, The day is not guaranteed, my son was home all day waiting for a package to be delivered, guess what the delivery person decided he did not want to deliver the package. He reported to the company no one was home (LIED).

When I called UPS to complain I was told someone would call in an hour, NO ONE CALLED!!!



if you want a guaranteed time frame, pay for that service. nda, 2da are such services.

don't ask for the cheapest method, like ground, which only guarantees day of delivery, and then expect the driver to arrange his day around you. you do realize yours is not the only package on a drivers car, right? imagine the average driver has to deliver 200 pieces in a day, how does he deliver to the 20 that specifically request 9:30 all at the same time?

you vobviously don't understand logistics. guess they don't train you on that at taco bell.

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