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UPS stated they delivered my package to my house on 6/14 at 12:40 p.m.I called to say I hadn't received it.

The woman on the phone was rude, stating "It was left at your door". I explained that I had been home all day and no UPS truck had been to my house and there was nothing at the door. She stated, "Maybe someone from your house got your package".

I explained I was the only one there.She stated, "Well, we showed we delivered it, so I can't help you." I asked for a supervisor and was told, "No one can help you, because we delivered the item to your door-we are not responsible after delivery."

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I have had very similar tactics used on me from their aggressive customer call folks.I live in a condo which as 25 other ones.

Locked entry and so when they can't get in the leave it outside. What I don't get is everything we order through our business ( we work from home) has to be signed for because everything is expensive. But no one signs for them.

So how can they just not be responsible.grrr.

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