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Today is 12/02 and i've been home since 11/30 the entire day and the delivery driver reported two attempts made,i have nothing on my door,i've been home the entire and there's a big door bell,my door was even half open,they never showed up.I called the 718 local office number for assistance only to be disrespected and then they just hang up telling me to call the 1800#,and when i call the 1800# to report my issues they keep telling me they can't do anything about it,i even called 718# a few times asking for manager or supervisor all they do is disrespect me and hang up.I want to know a person who's awaiting a shipment from them and got no assistance this far,what or should i do about this matter?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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DUDE---WAZ UP??? I have a custom made, dark burl, dash covers in transit..*** thanksgiving messed up my shipment..I don't understand why U.P.S. take's off that thursday and following friday..B.S..I ordered from Jersey,shipped from San diego to llinois..In Hodgkins,llinois the driver forgot to load my dash into his truck..They told me it was human error..What can i say??..It's like my friends wife breaking up with him and saying it's because he was verbally abusive...That bleep knew what she was doing..That is the same way with U.P.S..I have seven entries in my tracking page,for this order..I am going for the record..A guy in canada had 15 entries,they took it all over canada..I saw the record..I have called my manufactuer and U.P.S..Calling does nothing..I have a snow storm coming on saturday,in minnesota..That should push me into the teen's, on my entries page...C'mon record..FISH-ON.

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