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I have a shipment that's suppose to be delivered on 11/03/2011 tomorrow.I called UPS international to have them contact the local office requesting that the package be delivered by 9am being they don't provide any form of contact for the local office.I then received a call from the local office but missed the call so i return the call this guy with attitude in his voice telling me they don't start delivering till 9am.I then suggested to him i'll wait till 10am,even if i have to wait till 11am and be 3hrs late for work i would'nt mind being i need the package,he gonna tell me it's gonna interrupt service for them to get to me early and they suppose to be delivery guys,i'm going to say this,i'm not waiting all day for a package and miss an entire days pay and they gonna be delivering my package daily till i receive it being they can't work out something with me.I had a problem with them in this pass after the fact my phone was stolen out of my international shipment,it was a blackberry,all they refunded me was $100 for an expensive that i had packed instore with the representative working along with other items.Stick with FED-EX OR DHL,my package was shipped on 10/31/2011 with Airpak/UPS,it takes 4 days to get to you,but my husband did'nt know how much i hated their services,that's why he went their.

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@ HOLLINS1,mind your business,i can say what i want in my complaints as long as i'm speaking the truth,you are just pissed,just keep it moving,no need to reply you aren't going to bully me from posting whatever i want i'm speaking the truth and if i have concerns i will make it known.Since you want to be all up in my business when my husband paid for delivery before 10am,why wasn't it delivered on time also when i had stuff stolen from my package where were you to make it your concern,get a life cause you certainly not going to shut me up i'm going to say what i have to,that's the reason i'm here,peace.


WHO CARE'S?Have your dam package delivered to your JOB.Stop asking people to reassign their schedule for you.***.PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE IT BAD FOR EVERYONE ELSE.IF the package cannot be delivered to your JOB.Go pick the package up yourself.WTF.


Regional delivery is no concern to UPS i'm well aware of that,my husband paid for it to be delivered by a certain time also my item was stolen from my shipment that shouldn't have happen either.I'm very sure Fed-EX/DHL have a better service when it's comes to timely delivery and securing my item.Maybe you work for them or your family does who cares.Get a life and stop talking about something you have no clue about.If you are one of their drivers you people are the worst when it comes to delivery period.I very sure i make way more money than you for someone you claim isn't educated dimwit.


Thanks for the comments @ sue i'm a registered nurse i'm well educated anyway i received my package and got to work on time,can't say the same for you,i make money.Go get your welfare check.@ Smedrick did'nt ask for any advice thanks but no thanks,my problem was taken care of.Yall just wasting your breathe


you are not the princess or the intelligent person you assume yourself to be. therefore, you don't rate special treatment over the other people on this courier's route. educate yourself before you have your hissy fits.


I've already spoken to a supervisor,she took care of the matter and my package was delivered on time so i made it to work for half the day,instead of missing an entire day from work.Thanks Mr Attitude for you useless information.Further more, i had a bad experience with UPS just last year after the fact i shipped with you guys and my Blackberry got stolen from the package, all was left in their was the 2 ipods and earrings that i shipped to my daughter at a UPS location and it was also packed there,all i was refunded was $100 for a $600 blackberry,don't act as if UPS is a reliable service.I find FED-EX and DHL to be more reliable and my husband was the one that shipped the package with UPS after i told him use FED-EX.


Before 10 am service is a premium service, that at the time the shipment is created they will be happy to accommodate in most regions. However, this comes at a premium price.

You are not the only stop on their route. A driver will make upwards of 120 stops per day. They cannot modify their routes to accommodate everybody's schedule. There are plenty of thing one could complain about with regards to UPS. However, reworking their regional delivery map to accommodate your schedule is not one of them.

You made an unreasonable request which was met with a reasonable answer.

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