It's a little over a week now and I still haven't received an order I placed online to be delivered by UPS. I had the order to be shipped to my work location. My company owns our building and occupies the entire building so there are NO suites. First delivery attempt, the numbskull driver indicated "Suite number needed". So I called UPS and told them there are no suites and to please just delivery to the address I gave them which also consisted of the floor number, aisle number and cube number. Or, he could have left it downstairs at the security kiosk, who could have rang me.

Second delivery attempt - driver indicated, Suite number needed. WTH? I had called them and explained everything, even gave them my home, cell and work phone number. So I again contacted UPS customer service and arranged to have the delivery changed. The customer service guy ASSURED me that there would be no more delivery attempts and I would have to pick it up from UPS facility. I said, "Are you sure?" and asked him to please note that on the package file. So, one day later, I driver over to the facility and guess what, Package is in Transit and not at the facility! Are you kidding me? I try to get the delivery address changed to my home address. Nope, you have to contact the sender. So I go home and call UPS customer service line again and they change the address for me. They ASSURE me that the delivery will be made before 1PM. I am sitting here in my home right now at 2pm and you guessed it: NO PACKAGE!

UPS - Please hire competent personnel who possess more than an elementary education.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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