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Christmas shopping online again but leave it to UPS to destroy Christmas. i live in austintown Ohio.

Mahoning county. i think our UPS is worst in country. they don't knock on doors or even attempt to deliver to correct address. they scan package delivered in the van and run to A door (any door) and put the package down and run back to truck and drive off.

I've seen this down 1000's of times and getting sick of it. i request anyone shipping to me to NOT USE UPS just for this reason. My goods end up down 2 houses up 24 houses on next street. these are just the ones i have managed to find.

all we get when it's missing is: well we have it delivered to you at this such and such time. Well i call ***.

i send out goods all the time and i never use ups 'cause all i get is pissed off customers.. sorry ups but YOU SUCK.I hope you lose all your business.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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