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United Parcel Service UPS is handling illegal shipments from Mail order tobacco companies. These shipments do not comply with the remaining provisions of the PACT act identifying them with proper labeling and requiring an adult signature at the door.

It is also UPS corporate policy that they not deliver tobacco/cigarettes directly to consumer. Their service center in Olean, NY and the UPS store in Jamestown look the other way when these shipments come in. We suspect bribes but do not have proof.

This is a perfect example of corporate greed. UPS has no problem with our children getting these products and becoming addicted to cigarettes.

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Ordering cigarettes from an Indian reservation is not illegal.

And if it's coming from a UPS Store, it's not an example of "corporate greed" at all, since UPS Stores are not owned or staffed by UPS employees.

If someone lies about the contents of their package, it's not UPS's or a UPS Store's fault at all.


What evidence do you have that UPS knows what it is in the package if the shipper does not identify the contents correctly. If your kids are buying tobacco it appears the problem is with the parents not the delivery company.

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