Tulsa, Oklahoma
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So, usually when I hear the doorbell in the morning I'm excited for a delivery! Well, today a pair of shoes arrived that my fiance ordered for me.

I sign for the package, the deliverer hands it to me and the second I shut the door, I notice the package is COVERED in oil & dirt. No, not just slightly greasy.. covered in oil! If I had so much as dropped it by my side or held it in my arms, I would've ruined the robe I'm wearing.

I tried to open the door to complain to the deliverer, but he was already gone. This package was the most disgusting, foul thing that has ever been delivered. I am seriously in shock that someone would hand me a completely disgusting, oil covered package without so much as a warning. Absolutely nasty!

Makes me wonder what the other packages in his truck look like! I filed a report with UPS, I hope this person at least gets a slap on the wrist so that they take better care of packages.

Again, DISGUSTING! I only wish I could submit a photo to show you the mess I had to clean up!

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He should have cleaned the parcel before loading it onto his truck. NO excuses for that. Unfortunately your freight travels with other peoples freight and these things do happen.