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UPS Tracking 925680456904

Attempted Deliver Case of Wine ... day after day they deliver at 12-1PM ...

no one home ~ would not accept neighbors signing or people working on the property. Caused wine to sit in 100 degree temps on a truck for 2 days. Refused to deliver later in the day ... why not?

Spent 3 hours on the phone with UPS.

Then they wanted me to drive over 30 miles to pick it up. They really do not care ...

what is amazing they will deliver amazon books from 4-7PM to our neighborhood, but wine can only come when no one is home.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

If you want your WHINE,go to the store....


Wow I have seen your posts about every company and how poor there service is. You really need to stop *** about *** things that make no sense.

Ofcourse your neighbor cant sign for your package. Stop wasting peoples time with your wack *** and maybe do something your job.

Severnyy, Rostov, Russian Federation #26088

UPS doesn't deliver wine to neighbors or let others sign for it for liability purposes. Imagine the complaints and lawsuits if someone underage received the package. sorry you had to drive 30 miles, but many laws prevent the driver from redirecting deliver

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