Forest Hills, New York
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Just got off the phone with UPS customer service.

Once again my delivery from LA to Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York will be "return to sender" because of the following:

-The UPS guy (FOOL!) who delivers to my building doesn't feel the need to leave info notices if no one is home when he tries to deliver packages. Guess what else he doesn't feel the need to do? Walk stairs, enter the building or wait until you can rush downstairs to meet him before he leaves. Therefore you have to stay home from work, stare out the window all day like an abandoned house cat and rush downstairs to "catch him" before he leaves.

-The GENIUS behind the delivery map decided to put the UPS shipping center that services Fort Greene Brooklyn in Maspeth Long Island. Maspeth and Fort Greene are nowhere near each other! Also, the Maspeth center is not accessible by subway. Therefore, one has to drive to the center in Maspeth. Oh wait. New Yorkers don't have cars. Oh well, guess you paid that delivery fee for nothing. Again.

-Re-direct is not an option. That's right. You heard me. You can NOT have your wayward package driven from the Maspeth Long Island distribution center to say-a Brooklyn distribution center- so that you can pick it up."UPS", I was told by a supervisor over the phone "doesn't do that sort of thing". In my case I could also not have my package re-directed to my job because UPS didn't "have the shipping manifest yet". What's a shipping manifest you ask? Well, its a piece of paper that says where the package came from and where its going. UPS (the delivery company who picked up my package and tried to deliver it to me) didn't have that information.

Who's running UPS? I bet if you gave me a pair of circus trained chimpanzees, a roll of tape, a cardboard box and a clown car with three wheels, I could do a better job than than they do. Your package might be delivered with bananas and chimp dookey all over but YOU'D GET YOUR PACKAGE.

And isn't that all you paid for in the first place.

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He won't even ring my bell and just dumps the packages. :(

totally agree with first comment.


Maspeth is right next to Northern Brooklyn (greenpoint?) in Queens. Accessible by public transportation (bus) and not that cumbersome to deal with.

#135357 you work for UPS?

My employer frowns on having personal packages delivered to the office.


Makes sense Jay.


You're right, you can't have something redirected mid shipment. The reason is, you are not the shipper, you didn't pay UPS to ship your package, the person/company who sent it did. They can redirect it if they want.

And instead of complaining about why they can't redirect packages here or there, why don't you just have them sent there in the first place?