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My street address is N. Blank St, my package was delivered to S.

Blank St even though it was clearly labeled. I am not happy that my package was delivered to the wrong address but I can forgive them because people make mistakes. When I called to let them know that I didn't get my package is when I got mad. I told them the tracking number shows that it was delivered but I had been home all day and had not received it.

They told me the address it was delivered too and then asked me if I had the phone number for that residence so I could call them and go get my package! I don't have the phone number for someone that I don't know and I wouldn't just go knocking on a stranger's door for safety reasons.

I am absolutely appalled that this was suggested to me as a solution to their mistake! The reason that I order things is so they are delivered to my house when I can't get out, not so that I can go pick it up anyways!

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