Baltimore, Maryland

September 5, 2008

UPS Corporate Headquarters

55 Glenlake Parkway, NE

Atlanta , GA 30328

To Whom It May Concern:

I was once a long time customer of your company. I used your services for both residential and commercial purposes for over 10 years. I have also referred several residential and commercial customers to you. I never once had a bad experience until today. However, this one bad experience has left me very disappointed, frustrated and disgusted with your company and now I will completely stop using your services.

Your driver supposedly delivered a package to my front door. However, the package was not delivered to my location. I checked the front door, the porch, behind the bushes, the side of the house, the back of the house and the mailbox. There wasn’t any package there. I would like someone to show me where this package is, because it certainly isn’t here!

When I called to report the missing package, I was first told to “ask my neighbors” about the package. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

First, I live in an area that isn’t friendly. I have lived in this neighborhood for over seven years and I have never once talked to any of my neighbors. If I were to ask them about a package that may have been delivered to them by mistake, it would cause a very nasty confrontation and will result in violence. I actually value my life so I am not going to get killed or seriously injured because of YOUR mistake.

Secondly, it is not MY job to walk around the streets of my city looking for mis-delivered packages. Why do we pay extremely high shipping costs to you when it appears that you do not want to do your job? YOUR job is to deliver packages to the right address in a timely manner. Again, that is NOT my job. I am not going to do YOUR job for you. You are not going to pay me to do YOUR job. I just want my package delivered to the right place! I shouldn’t have to deal with your driver’s incompetence.

If a company truly cares about its’ customers, then it will do what it can to keep them satisfied. Apparently, UPS does not care about its’ customers as I received no satisfactory options. I was told that I would have to wait until MONDAY for the driver to pick up the package and redeliver it to my location. Again, this is very ridiculous. Today is FRIDAY. TWO DAYS will have gone by. There is no way the package is going to still be at the front door. I’m sure that I’ll see unicorns prancing in my yard before I’ll ever see this missing package.

The person(s) who has my package is simply going to keep it. That is how the people in this neighborhood are and it is not going to ever change. The neighbors don’t care that they’ve stolen someone else’s package. So when your driver asks for the package, all the person has to say is that he or she never received a package. Your driver is not going to be able to prove otherwise and I’m going to be screwed out of my package.

I really don’t understand why UPS is willing to lose a customer over something that could have been immediately resolved. In this day and age when loyalty is very hard to come by, one would think that your company would do more to keep customers satisfied. I suppose you must have so much money that you can afford to lose a long time customer.

Word of mouth can do many things for a business. I will never refer or recommend your services again. I will make prospective customers think twice before using your services. I will tell them how UPS refused to admit it made a mistake and how it lost a long time customer. As for customers currently using your services, I will be sure to tell them about my bad experience. They may reconsider their shipping options and may even go with your competitors.


A very disgusted former customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Ups delivers 12 million packages a day... You cant please everyone


Becareful i have had many incidents with ups they have bill me for someone elses delivery and every time i call customer services states they will fix the problem but i constantly have to call with the same story. I also filed a complain with the better bussiness bureau