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To whom it may concern, this is an open letter of complaint against UPS for the improper handling of delivery service, and total lack of customer support. A package was ordered from a vendor in Canada and was to be delivered to a residence in Southern California. The package was labeled (by the vendor) with the correct delivery address. The package also had a hand written UPS delivery "bill of lading" in a clear plastic envelope on the exterior of the package. This "bill of lading" also had the correct delivery address. A third UPS generated "bar code" label was also on the package. This label had an incorrect street address. The third label was less than two inches square. The first two labels were approximately 5" x 7". Not only did no one question the miss match of the addresses, but ultimately delivered the package to address listed on the one label that did not match the others. This shows a level of arrogance and illogic heretofore unknown in business. I contacted UPS after tracking showed the package had been delivered, when it was apparent the package was not at my address. What I was told is this "Thank you for your e-mail. I have checked the status of your shipment in our tracking system. Our records indicate that your shipment was delivered on 07/12/10 at 2:28 PM to the following address:



Your shipment was released at the following location:


I emailed UPS back and let them know that I had checked with the shipper and my PayPal Account (where the shipping address is provided to validate the purchaser). Both of these referenced my correct address, specifically NOT the address to which the package was delivered. I also asked them if I would need to handle this myself. At this point I was at a boil and wanting very much to throttle someone's neck. UPS was less than helpful, citing that the shipper (vendor) was responsible for tracking lost packages, essentially deflecting any responsibility to rectify this problem. So I tracked down the delivery address. It happens to be short distance from my home on the same street. The first time I knocked on the door, no one was at home. I decided to write a note and stick it on the front door (a second visit) explaining my situation, and see if my package could be had. As it turns out, on the second visit someone was home and was glad to give me the package. On inspection of the package I found not one but two places where my address (correct) was clearly visible, and one small UPS generated label with the incorrect address. This kind of service is UNACEPTABLE. I wonder how UPS would like it if the payment for their services was left at another business and they had to go find it if they wanted to be paid. It is doubtful (at best) that they would do business with you again. I feel the same and will use alternatives when possible. I will consider finding alternative vendors if they only offer UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I had the same issue. I was getting impatient waiting for my package, so I checked the tracker.

It said it was delivered a week ago to someplace in Texas. I live in LA.

My amazon order confirmation has the correct address, and I don't understand how UPS screwed this up. I had ordered a replacement part for my PC, and now my boss is mad at me because I can't do work from home.


My church ordered a new sound system for the church and UPS shipped it to the wrong address. My Church is named Shiloh Baptist Church in Monroe,N.C not Shiloh Baptist Church in Shiloh N.C come on UPS you have to get the job done wright the first time or people will not call on your company.


I ordered a book from Amazon. I live on a street which is very long and divided four times, and there's a North "version" and a South "version."

My address is 5433 North. I called ups when Amazon and UPS both online said my package had been delivered to the front door and it wasn't here. They told me they delivered it to 5423 South. I figured the seller from Amazon wrote my address wrong on the label.

I asked why they simply couldn't call the driver and tell him to go get it from where he dropped it off and either bring it here or to their center so I could pick it up, and they said they needed to start an investigation. ???

So I drove to 5423 South and it doesn't even exist.

Taking a chance I drove back home to see if my neighbor 5 doors down had it. It was sitting there on his front porch, so I grabbed it and came home.

I looked at the address label AND IT WAS 100% CORRECT!

If the address was correct on the label why would the driver not only take it to the wrong address, but like "proudly" log in his book that he delivered it to the wrong address?

Not only that, he delivered it to the wrong address and logged it with a third different address that's not even in the same zip code! If 5423 South even existed it's a 35 minute drive from here!

I called customer service at UPS to tell them what happened because I have a rather expensive package coming next week and their attitude was "well, big deal, ya got the package."

An honest mistake is an honest mistake, but writing down you put it at a completely different road is just a straight up lie.



i ordered shoes online. and i read it over.

it clearly said 1438. so i checked a week later... it said 14438.

wtf!!! ups sucks.


Bottomline is that UPS Sucks. They have given me such a hard time in spite of multiple calls to their customer service and customer center :(!!!

They are rude and unprofessional. Fed-Ex or even USPS for that matter provide way better service than UPS. I hope this company shuts down asap.


An irate customer from Los Angeles, CA


Dear Kat,

I find it quite humorous how you insult people and how well they can read, while your post is full of grammar and spelling errors.

If you had read the post, you would understand that the problem is purely a computer error on behalf of UPS. Employees have to follow directions on UPS label as CAPTAIN said. Otherwise anyone could slap a sticker on the box and get free shipments. When something of this nature happens, the customer is entitled to compensation.


Dont feel lonely,I was expecting several pkgs over the past few years from not only UPS,but FEDEX,and DHL. All were sent to the wrong address, lost, destroyed.I live in a mobile home comunity and my address has a lot number.

The above three companys until just recently UPS donot have a second line on their computer programs that put said lot # or Apt# and the computer program cuts off the rest of the address.Even if the sender has put it correctly on the pkg they still cannot deliver its not just you.I think that they get their employees from places that they know that people cannot read a simple address and /or lack common sense. It just simply confuses me to no end..


To the individuals commenting on this post who are making assumptions, please don’t do it, it makes you look foolish. To address some of the comments, I actually do happen to know something about UPS shipping and the labeling thereof.

First: the type of label used is not a standard “consumer” style of label. It is a tape fed thermal printed self stick label used at UPS transfer nodes, not the type of label that comes from the vendor. The “world ship” (account) self-generated (vendor generated) labels are generally “half sheet” Avery labels or plain paper taped to the package. The vendor did in fact affix a shipping label to the package (with the correct address).

Second UPS has my correct address, evidenced by the handwritten bill of lading. Last, the thing that has me so pissed is not the fact a package was miss delivered, its the fact that UPS assumes they could not have screwed up, does not feel that they should directly resolve improper deliveries, and does not jump in to help the customer regardless of who screwed up. As I said in the complaint this type of (customer) service is unacceptable.

It shows a lack of respect for the people who are paying for their service. Also as evidenced by a quick search of this site, mine is not the only “UPS” customer service *** to be sure.


im afraid its true UPS goes by the UPS labels. what if it had and old fedex label should he have checked that one too lol ***.


no i read the complaint. its not long at all though im sure you think it is.

and yes the wrong address was on the UPS label.

none of the others. even if they are ordered to go by that label they should have some common sense to check the two bigger labels and compare addresses, at which point they would realize they dont match up and instead of hoping the UPS one is right they should have to take it back to get the right address confirmed.



I don't work for UPS, and I've stuck up for Fedex on this site too. I just understand the shipping process, and am not in ignorant fool, unlike 90% of people who come on here to complain.

The person he ordered it from PUT THE WRONG ADDRESS ON THE SHIPPING LABEL. Did you even read the complaint, or was it too long for you?


i think christo works for ups since he has quite a few comments on ups complaints with every one of those comments trying to say how great this *** UPS service is. the only thing brown can do for me is stain my toilet bowl cuz thats about as good a service as UPS'


So, in a nutshell, you're mad at UPS because the person you bought the item from shipped it to the wrong address? This site has reached a new low.

UPS employees do not print those labels out, the shipper does, so he or she is the one who made the mistake.

And of course UPS goes by the UPS label, and not the other hand written ones, they HAVE TO. All packages get sorted/distributed electronically.

You know those parallel black lines, some are slightly thicker than others? Those are called bar codes, and they tell UPS where the package goes.

The amount of time you spent writing this letter could have been better spent using a little common sense and thinking before making a fool of yourself.


The label you are talking about is a computer generated label. It is purely a computer error.

The label you are talking about is the address the drivers are instructed to leave it at. Since the company you ordered your package from is the one with the UPS shipping account, UPS is entitled to give that company a refund, who in turn replaces your order.

That is why you were told to go through the company you ordered it from. Either way, you still get replacement at no extra cost to you, UPS pays for their mistake.

This has happened to me a few times as a driver and some of them I am able to catch, but we have to follow directions on our labels, otherwise anyone could go around writing different addresses on boxes and getting free stuff.