Cleveland, Ohio

I placed an order on on 2/24/11. It supposedly arrived last night and the UPS tracking site said it was left on the front door. I went out and checked the porch, no package. Then I looked at the tracking history again to see it was delivered to the wrong city (about 15 minutes away from me) but to the same street address and to a wrong apartment number (mine is 4 and they delivered it to J).

This is odd because I usually get a note on my door asking for my signature as this is not the only time I have ordered from Sephora. I called UPS and talked to a lady who basically thought I was lying and told me to wait 24 hours and contact the shipper but I called UPS again to get maybe a different person and they were actually helpful and listened to what I said and put a trace on the package. Sephora replaced my order minus some out of stock items which sucks because it was mostly a birthday gift for someone else for this weekend.

Last night after I got off the phone, I had thought about just driving to that house but with the way people are these days, they might be a bunch of crazies or something. I might go by there after work tomorrow to at least ask if they have it or what they did with it. I'm just so frustrated that this happened. Like how do you screw up a city that starts with "W" with mine which starts with "B" and how do you screw up "apt j" versus "apt 4"???? I hope I get my original shipment. This just sucks. If anyone has any advice on anything, please feel free to say so.

(apologies for the bad grammar or whatever else that may be annoying. i am tired and frustrated..glad i found this site to vent).

Monetary Loss: $72.

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This is happening to me as I write this. UPS QC clerk sends the package somewhere totally different.

Where there is now town of a similar name, and about 2 hours north of me in the same state.

You have to contact someone at the center, not the 800 number. But someone at the actual shipment center from where the drivers are dispersed from.


My mail was sent to another city so usps needs to take the initiative to do their job rite!