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I ordered my school textbooks from bookrenter.com, they shipped and sent me the UPS tracking number. My shipping address had been confirmed and was to be sent to my home. The package was set to deliver yesterday, Monday Oct 15, 2012. Well, UPS delivered MY package to a business in town, AMAZON.com.

I immediately called UPS, they confirmed they delivered the package and gave me the address, which was for AMAZON!!!!! The UPS customer service guy said they had to put a tracker on it, so he had to transfer me. I talked to another UPS cust service guy in tracking and he said it could take days there was nothing they could do. Just to clarify, this package is a textbook for the class that started last night. I told UPS I needed this package, they made an error and sent it to someone else and they needed to fix it. Oh but wait that is not how UPS works, they would not send the driver over to Amazon to get the misdelivered package even though it was UPS fault. They said they sent my package on the truck to Amazon but it could take up to three days for Amazon to unload that truck and that I would need to call the original shipper, Bookrenter.com, to have them start tracking the package.

i'M SO PISSED, I need this textbook. I paid to have this package sent express delivery UPS so I would get it for class and now that UPS has delivered it to the wrong address, they (UPS) will not take the appropriate action and retrieve from package from Amazon.

Also, the Amazon building it was sent to was a large wharehouse, they don't allow the public to come in. I tried to call but they (Amazon) said there's nothing they can do.

Again, UPS is the entire trouble - consumers pay a large fee to use their service and yet when they make a mistake they tell me I have to go back to the shipper to fix it - THAT IS NOT RIGHT.


I also ask to have the direct number for the local UPS so I could talk to a manager and I wanted to know why they would not send the driver back over to retrieve my pack - UPS won't do that, so I ask to speak to the customer service guys manager, he put me on hold for over 5 minuntes then disconnected me.

Tried calling back and again all I got was "the run around"

The need to be held accountable for their misdelivery errors and they should be the one's going out of their way to fix the problem they created. It's a shame that there is no law suite against UPS for kind of issue. The need to be sued so they understand they need to take care of the customers.

Monetary Loss: $1368.

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