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I received a 2nd day air (UPS) package containing medication from Walgreens (sp?) of which was obviously dropped off at the wrong address (8 houses wrong). I called the number on the package (turned out to be Walgreens (sp?) and they are going to request UPS show up to retrieve the package and possibly get it to the correct resident.

I am quite irritated by this continued lack of attention to detail and lacking and care in doing a great job (or any level of job "correctly". If they are not tossing electronics around (mine in particular), they are leaving packages in the rain, damaging packing tremendously or delivering to the wrong address.

***** What if this package was serious medication necessary for a persons life and UPS is aiding in degraded health conditions from something so simple as dyslexia or non-caring drivers. And... do not bother calling into the local office - they will NOT help and are only talented or quite skilled in serious rudeness and proof in not caring. If the top people in charge are this pathetic -- how can we expect those below them in the food chain to do any better? OK, we expect better from all but still - this is ridiculous! Someone PAID a bit more money for 2nd day delivery for a very important delivery and yet it ends as a huge FAIL

UPS personnel, at least in my area, are complete idiots or at a minimum should quit their jobs and let one of these unemployed folks who would do anything to score a good job give it a shot!

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