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I ordered a product from Amazon and the UPS driver delivered it to a neighbor I do not trust, leaving a note on my door. I never gave permission for UPS to give my packages to that neighbor.

I am now reluctant to order anything that might be delivered by UPS. The tracking number is 1Z 13F1 9A4 03 9902 2995. That neighbor opened the package to see what was in it. In the future I would like UPS to hold any undeliverable packages at UPS for me to pick them up.

Nothing was lost or damaged, but this neighbor might continue to tamper with future UPS deliveries since she does not work and is home all day. Her name is Adela.

I can't understand why the UPS driver would arbitrarily give her my packages. Yes, not only am I pissed off, but alarmed--now that Adela has succeeded in interfering with my deliveries, she will continue.

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i also had this occur in a different city. though my neighbor didn't open it, still, it was an unauthorized alternate delivery. I had to wait for her to get home, and then ask her for the package. :roll

I called to complain about this, and ups first told me they aren't supposed to deliver to others unauthorized; then i got a callback and the 2nd guy says they often do this. so i told them they shouldn't as they have no clue as to the character or relationship of the neighbor! for all they know they could be desperate druggies who will run down to the local pawn shop with your goods. For all they know it isn't really the neighbor but their guest or babysitter. :(

This is the only time this has happened to me, and interestingly, it was also a delivery from Amazon.

I think Amazon has a cut rate contract with ups so ups cheaps out on the deliveries. they don't want to return for 2nd attempt to deliver, etc. as it costs them more to do this.

my advice is to call ups and complain, ask them to stop this practice altogether, and tell them to mark your name and address as one who they shouldn't do this type of alternate delivery for, but they should get your authorization on the door sticky note as to what type of delivery you will take.


I think you can specify Fedex or some other delivery service for your mail order products. I certainly would. UPS isn't nicknamed "oops" for nothing!

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