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UPS is the worst postal service, and they charge alot for their services. I was supposed to get 2 completely different packages yesterday, and on their tracking site, they said that I was unavailable to sign for both packages when they didn't even come to my house and I was home all day!

I went to the UPS store and one of the employees said that they might have delivered it to the wrong house, but how could they have delivered both of my packages to the wrong address?! That is just ridiculous! Now I have to wait even longer for my packages to arrive and I don't even know why they delayed my deliveries.

I'm never going to use UPS again when I buy something online, it's just too much of a hassle. I'm sticking with USPS, it's cheap and they deliver on schedule.

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In my experience, UPS habitually explains its failure to deliver on time in this way, by saying that no one was available to sign. It's happened to me dozens of times.

Revealingly, the doorbell didn't ring all day nor was there an Infonotice on the door on any of these occasions.

And when the driver finally got around to attempting delivery, he just dropped the packages at the door without waiting for a signature. The moral--one I was slow to reach but now is unforgettable with me--is not to use UPS.

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