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UPS called and left a message on my answering machine yesterday afternoon that my address " did not exist" (they have delivered to me at this address many times) and that I must call them back with a correct address at an 800 number or they will send my packages back to the sender. The packages contain my daughter's birthday present (her birthday is tomorrow _ A Sunday).

I called the 800# repeatedly all yesterday afternoon and evening. Every time I dialed the 800 # I received a "all circuits are busy, please call back" response. UPS had deliberately made it impossible for me to call them back. I have caller Id so I called the phone number the message was left from each time the 800# failed as well, I always got a busy signal.

This morning in frustration I put the 800# on speed redial and let it dial over and over again for about 15 minutes, but I did finally get through. I was informed that I cannot pick up my packages this weekend in time for my daughter's birthday. I was informed that I, my family and our needs are not as important as the great and powerful conglomerate that is UPS.

They do not care if their service is incompetent, slack and unprofessional, people such as I do not matter to them at all. If I want to receive these packages from them I must spend all day Monday trying in vain to contact them again and give them step by step directions from Map Quest on how to get to my address (which they have delieved to countless times before) from their facility or they will return my packages to the sender.

They have already collected their payment and that is all that matters. The fact that the bar, and the product it sells,next door to my house obstructed their driver's vision is my fault not theirs.

They were rude and totally unconcerned about anything but collecting their money. They failed to preform in a professional and conscientious manner and they do not apologize in any way nor care about the impact of their crassness, incompetence and unproffessionalism on their customers (victims).

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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1-800-PICK UPS is the number I had to dial about 150 time from 3:30 pm yesterday unit about 8:30 am today before getting through and they refused to allow me to pick up my package today. Do you work for UPS? Did you actually read my article?

Teresa C

If you have the tracking number give it to the rep at 1-800-Pick-UPS and she would of held it at the terminal that same day for you to pick up. That's normal practice. I ship daily with FedEX and UPS and have seen it all.

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