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I ordered a product (a camera kit worth 274$) through amazon on March 4-2014.

I always do that because their customer service is one of that kind whcih satisfies me

all the time ,either I make a purchase or returns it.This time the seller was Hot Deals Electronics.

The expected date of delivery of this item was March 13-2014. When checked the tracking

number, it said that the delivery would be by 5pm. They tried to deliver at around

1:26pm which was opposite to the time seen in their tracking and left the first attempt delivery failure slip.

Immediately I contacted UPS customer service to say that I won't be there

to collect the package at that time and asked to leave that package at my door step, so that I would arrange someone

to collect that immediately after they leave, which they didn't agree upon.

I asked if they can tell me the time at which the package arrives, which they didn't like.

They told me they would deliver whenever they can in the most arrogant tone that I have ever heard.

Even then, without losing temper I managed to ask if they can contact

us before delivering to our apartment which also seemed to be non acceptable to them.

I was helpless as I had to go to work on Friday but was tracking the package and it again said it will arrive by 5pm

and as it was the only time which I knew when the delivery may happen, I left from office pretty earlier than usual to

get the package. Also in the 'first attempt failure slip' too they had mentioned that the next delivery would be by 5pm on March 14-2014.

I still have the slip with me as a proof. But shockingly they had pasted the second attempt delivery slip too on my door at around 2pm.

I contacted UPS and told my situation but they were so adamant that they couldn't leave the package at my apartment nor

deliver it at my convenience. When asked if they have some nearby facility from where I can get the package, the arrogant

lady from customer service told me that I have to purchase their 'My Choice' option for 5 dollars to avail that kind

of facility. Otherwise I have to drive for 45 minutes and collect from their main facility.

While I was digesting that none of the options seem to be acceptable to me, the lady on the other hand had hung up the phone

without any apologies!

I immediately contacted amazon to notify them that if I am still not getting my package by March 17 atleast for any reason, I am going to cancel the

purchase. They promised me to get my package delivered by March-17-2014 after 6pm.

As I had trust on amazon, I didn't return the package and thought I would make my husband be at home from noon so that even if

the item arrives at a time different than it promised, we could get that. He waited for package from 12pm and when I came

to home a around 4:30pm, the wait continued for the rest of the day. No *** arrived for the whole day

I was so pissed off and contacted the seller and asked why they didn't come and they want me to contact the

carrier once. I just contacted them and they gave the most strange reply that any customer or client has ever got- The receiver has moved from the apartment!!!!!!!!

Having informed UPS a lot of times that I haven't received the package and I will be there on Monday after 6pm or before 11am, I am just curious to know that who has made the note that receiver has moved from the apartment.

And they are asking me to collect the package from the facility without even making a third attempt to deliver it. Haven't they made enough fun of me????????

When repeatedly asked why should I come to facility to collect(facility is 45 minutes drive from my place), they have said to deliver the package tomorrow may be!! And they can't deliver it today by any means

(Today's date is March 18-2014 when the expected delivery was March 13-2014)No apologies made too.

Wonderful carrier service! And I would be surprised if Hotdeals electronics as a seller or amazon as the online store doesn't take any action against these kind of heedless service which makes all customers feel so low and fooled!

Just because of UPS customer service, I am now back to my decision- I am returning the package. Whenever UPS decides to return, they can.

I just need my money back. Had enough of this. Now I am done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Not sure why these people are telling one time and delivering at other time. Also no right for them to lie when recipients are still there.When they promise to deliver on a day and that day itself is missed,it is their fault and I know UPS would never have any regrests and all customer service agenets are so well trained that they will not even say Sorry for that.

I have got good experience from Fedex so far.

So wouldn't club Fedex with UPS. And good to know about My Choice option for UPS :)
Titusville, Florida, United States #796302

Once again because no one listens: UPS and FedEx do not work around your schedule. Their job is delivering packages which means they work in...wait for hours.

The same time you are at your job. So either UPS can start delivering packages around 9PM when they can be sure people will be home, or they can continue to deliver as normal. Guess which one they are going with. UPS does not work around your schedule, especially when you are talking hundred of packages on a truck can you imagine if everyone wanted those packages delivered on their own schedule?

Nothing would get done.

Either have an item shipped with no signature required or figure it out. (By the way I do not work for UPS I just have seen complaints like this on here far too often)

to Anonymous #796352

If you are a satisfied customer of UPS and also you are not an employee too, what are you doing here in the site?

Newark, New Jersey, United States #796209

Ok so I ordered something from FootAction on 3-11-12. According to the sales person, he stated that packages take usually 3 to 4 days for delivery, & he suggested that I call to track my package the next day.

Next day came.. I called to see if they shipped my package out. The young lady said if not today definitely tomorrow!

According to UPS it was they had it in their possession on the 12th (same day), & I will get it on Monday March 17, 2014. So can someone please tell me why as of today March 18, 2014, I still do not have my package??!!

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