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UPS denies insurance claim after damaging my $300 (insured)package I sent to someone. Package is worth $450 + freight.

UPS states I didn't package it properly. I have been a major appliance dealer for 30+ years. I know how to package stuff. These idiots ran into it with a fork truck punching a hole in box ripping it apart damaging the heater inside.

Triple wrapped in bubble wrap padded with 2 inch styrofoam all corners 1 inch styrofoam on voids on side & any void filled with peanuts. This box was tight with packing prior to shipping no movement or rattles just the way a refrigerator would be packaged. UPS has taken 40+ days to make up their mind telling me this & initially they said they would pay now they are denying the claim, since they did not pack it. I paid for the insurance in good faith & shipped in good faith.

UPS screwed me I urge everyone not to use UPS if you value your stuff. That is the last for me.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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