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Update by user Jul 01, 2012

I forgot to add some info. All the boxes where packed with the care required to be shipped.

Two of the boxes where marked fragile and where packed by UPS Employees. The boxes show evidence of gross mis-handling, not just the normal wear of shipping.

One box was split open and had contents hanging out when it arrived. And the box appears to have been broke open and the contents just shoved back in by one of the UPS package handlers.

Original review posted by user Jun 30, 2012

My Grandmother mailed a bunch of packages with her favorite possessions from Louisiana to Washington through #UPS, the three that have arrived so far have been damaged, one so bad that part of it was hanging out of a split in the side. They all show evidence of being split open and being re-taped, one looks like it was broke open and the contents just shoved back into the box and re-sealed. A representative was supposed to show up today to resolve the problem, but instead they just gave my mom the runaround promising to be there by 5pm, but they never showed.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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ups doesn't pack things into moving boxes pal


You are correct, UPS is not a moving company. However my grandma's things where packed correctly.

No matter how well they are packed, if the package is mishandled and the box is broken open, no amount of care in packing will matter. Also, two of the boxes that contained glass where packed at the UPS office by a UPS employee to insure that they where packed correctly.


ol' granny should have packed her things better. ups/fedex/usps are not moving companies.

items shipped using a carrier service need to be packed sufficiently to withstand the rigors of the shipping environment. throwing meemas cr@p in a moving box without proper packing tells me nana didn't really value her things at all.

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