I've had two recent recent major gripes with UPS. The last two large items I've received from them have been blatantly miss handled.

The boxes are extremely beat up as if they'd fallen off the truck several times. For example, the computer I purchased was dropped so hard, the hard drive and ram had come out their mounts/slots. This went to claims which took over 3 weeks to finally get a refund. The most recent box was packed well originally with lot of the airbags and paper padding, but had been beat around so much that all the airbags were burst and the parts inside were banging together.

I'd advise this, to anyone reading, if you have a valuable item to ship, just use USPS Priority Mail or Parcel Post. They are all I have ever used to ship items out and I have not had one single problem.

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BigLou finally some one makes a smart comment on this blog your the best


UPS only cares about volume not quality, i ordered an cantilever umbrella form Frongate, shipped using UPS it came crushed and distroyed. A replacement was sent to me also With UPS, also crushed box and damaged.

UPS uses narrow conveyor belts in their HUBS and mixes all types of boxes together which lead to packages jamming. This is their slogan K.O.R.E keeping our reputation for excellence, good job U P


paper and airbags are not good packaging materials at all. any carrier including the post office would deny an insurance claim if you packed a cpu with paper.

peanuts and bubble wrap are required if you want them to be insurable. all carriers have these standards.

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