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I sent 5 packages from Spain to UK in Sep 2011. Four of them were electronics (computer and accessories) packaged in their original boxes with the proper protectors (original DELL packaging).

Four boxes arrived more than 10 days later and came rounded and with inside protectors broken and of course many accessories broken and/or damaged, the 5th package never arrived.

Today is 7 of December and the 5th package is not here and had already 5 nasty conversations over email with their representatives, the final one yesterday, a girl called Rosa María Trives simply sent me to *** with a text stating what they believe happened and stating that the package is in their warehouse in Germany, and I'll have to pay for storage and they won't deliver it unless I state I would like to get it and pay the storage as penalty. Worse, they state that if they don't receive response by 25 Dec 2011, they will consider it abandoned.

They tried to deliver a box without label, info of origin and content at my home (re-packaged my suitcase inside a box) in an effort to get a signature of delivery, not allowing the person who answered the door to know what the content was, where did it came from.

I thought it was a rare case. I was wrong, checked you tube and discover a bunch of horror stories about people with kind of same problems and abuses, lots of videos of UPS truck from wrong parked in a fire lane, hydrant, disabled spaces, prohibited parking places to real videos of drivers throwing packages out the truck or throwing them inside as a basketball game, some just dropping boxes to the floor from the truck, many throwing the delivery from gardens to the front door, and inclusively a guy that drop the package while in a front door just because he needed his right hand to ring the bell. A bunch other videos of guys at the warehouses dropping packages, re-labeling, and a guy arrested for giving brownies made with with drugs to their colleagues (and one ended in the hospital).

I saw countless complaints regarding UPS service, but most of them regarding negative to pay the damages.

Suffered enough,  I will never again use their poor service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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