UPS charged me $234 (including $1400 in insurance coverage) to send phone equipment cross country. It arrived damaged, so I asked the receiver to file a claim, which he did for $205, but UPS denied the claim saying it was not packaged properly.

It is easy for UPS to say that, after accepting my packaging and taking my hard earned money.

4" of bubble wrap and Styrofoam on all sides, and they probably dropped it off a truck. UPS charged me a premium for insurance, then they deny my claim.

UPS just lost another customer.

From now on, I will use FEDEX. And I will see UPS in small claims court.

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good luck with that court case perry mason.

when you shipped you had to agree to ups terms and tariffs. included in that document is items related to proper packing. if your packing doesn't qualify, they won't pay, and nothing you can do about it.

if your items had been properly packed, no way it would have been damaged, even if it dropped.


If you had 4" of bubble wrap AND foam - then it should have survived anything that wouldn't obliterate the cardboard box itself. You packed them wrong. Sorry; it's the truth.

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