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I had my bike shipped thru UPS ground. I packed each bar of the frame with foam 2 inch thick foam and bubble wrap and packed it inside a scicon bike bag.

I went to UPS store in virginia and the UPS personnel there inspected the packaging. She said that the packaging was good. I asked her if i could get insurance for it, she said no need since i was paying a high shipping amount --around 300$, the would have a special place of its own. So i did not.

I trusted her-- i mean she's from UPS so she should know. I told her to put a fragile sticker on it, again she said there's no need to. When the packaged arrived, my husband was shocked-- 2 punctured holes in the bag and the bike frame was cracked-- carbon frame --so i cant use it anymore..ups verdict?? They would not pay for it, saying they were NOT responsible for the damage..

Hello! UPS personnel guaranteed that my bike would not be damaged. They said the bike was too heavy for the bag?? Hello, the bike weighs 15lbs...specialized road bike 2012 carn frame..and on their report it said 50 lbs!!

They did not even weigh it!

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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One common mistake that people make about the UPS stores are that they think they are UPS employees. They are not. The UPS store is a franchise and the employee work for the owner of the store. While they might be somewhat trained on UPS standards of shipping, you can not say someone from UPS said or did anything. Your best bet is to take the package to the local UPS hub or building. They won't package it for you, but they also will not accept a package that would likely be damaged in transit. They can also tell you how the insurance process works.

As for the UPS Store employee telling out your package would be placed in a special place because of the ammount you paid to ship it goes to show that she did not know what she was talking about.

Sorry for your loss.


U not smart, hey ***...i used ups Ground...and u not smart, that bike case was was a sci *** bag and i placed thick inches of foam and layers and layers of bubble wrap...ups personnel checked and she said it was safe!, if u check scicon website, u would know why it was safe to ship that bike if only ups handled the shipment properly.even if they tossed around the bike, it would not have been damaged...BUT THEY PUNCTURED IT and hit the bike,.and ups did assure me that it would be placed on a separate place because i paid sooo much for the shipment...it had all the stickers fragile etc...

Yes, i take responsibility for my poor choice, i.e. SHIPPING THRU UPS..


so, you put your bike in a soft bag and can't understand how it could damaged in shipping? is that right? i suppose you would also ship your family heirloom ming vase in a paper bag as well.

look genius, if you don't care about your cr@p why would you expect someone else to?

packages in the shipping environment travel miles of conveyors and many series of chutes, packages weighing up to 150# will also be making that journey, potentially coming down the conveyor right behind your bike. why would you think a piece of cloth would protect your bike? would you put a sheet on your head and allow someone to drop 150# on it?

take responsibility for your poor choices and realize that you are not very smart. quit blaming others and you may actually learn something, in the end you will benefit.