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I sold a Samurai windshield with frame on Ebay...shipped through UPS...the buyer sends picture of broken windshield...was not broken before sending...UPS denied any responsibility by telling me the item was not packaged I have personally inspected the item...frame is damaged on three sides...besides broken glass...there is a puncture mark on the box exactly where windshield fractured...they are a careless company...reckless disregard for other peoples property...and will tell you...its your is just marketing tool...BOYCOTT UPS...I was told by UPS store employees actually tell me "your item will get tossed and thrown around" ...I told the UPS worker at drop off "there is glass in the package...he looked at me dumb and took package into warehouse for shipping...left me wondering...what a *** more UPS for me..

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People if you saw how your prized pkgs are handled you would never ,ever use fed ex ups I for example would never buy a tv, furniture,computers,really i try to buy from the stores at least if it's busted it can be replaced.


UPS is not a courier service, nor are they a moving company.

Your packages will be handled with care by the people handling them but much of the shipping process is automated, including many series of conveyors, chutes and lets not forget, many other packages. Your package will be put into this system with hundreds of thousands of other parcels weighing up to 150 pounds, some not boxed, some with sharp edges, some made of metal.

Your package should be shipped in a NEW box, with a minimum of two inches of space around it, a resilient loose fill material used to fill that 2"+ space and sufficient cushioning to keep your 'valuable' item from shifting, bending or breaking. When finished your package should be able to withstand up to a 4 foot drop and/or a 100# package sitting on it without damage.

These are the realities of moving millions of packages. You take the risk when you fail to care properly for your own item, don't try and put the blame on someone who has no idea you didn't pack properly.


I shipped a mirror and packed it myself it was broken in transit. They would not pay the claim and they showed me right on the form they do not cover flat glass.The second one I packed with more care it arrived in good condition.At least they didn't lose it like Fed EX ground did


If you insured the package and it was damaged in transit, UPS is liable. I would try to reach a manager at the distribution center where it shipped from.

If all else fails, file a claim in small claims court.

It is clearly UPS's responsibility. I'll bet the other responder would be singing a different tune if it were his package.



I take a dozen eggs purchase at the store, toss them in a box and insure them.

They get broken, and UPS is responsible?

Nope! I did not pack the eggs in the box to minimize the possibility of damage.

If you took as in the picture and slapped a label on it, then you take all risk.


What a terrible company UPS is. They handle a ridiculous amount of freight in a day and broke a parcel.

Tough *** that it was yours, but these things happen. Go ahead and use a different transport company, you will have another broken parcel, especially if you ship glass.