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We wanted to send a package from Baltimore to New Hampshire, containing a high value, collectable book. We declared a value of $1000 on the book and used our usual bubble wrap and a corrugated cardboard container, which is sealed by machine either end.

It forms a rigid package, especially well when the item is small, as this was. It was delivered to New Hampshire and jammed into a US mailbox, which is illegal. The customer found it bent and withdrew his paypal payment to us, registering a complaint. We tracked the package and found that UPS driver claimed he had met the customer, though no signature was obtained.

the customer is adamant that he found it in his mailbox bent, and we believe him. We thought it would be simple to file a complaint; but the inspection of the goods took three weeks and then we found that there are some obscure regulations about two inches of bubble wrap all round packages, or else they will not pay on a claim. Worse still, they claim that a package of under 5000 dollars is not high value, though they did not refuse our extra payment for a High Value shipment of a 1000 dollar book and nowhere is a minimum stated. They now say that perhaps the driver handed it to a neighbour who jammed it into a mailbox.

They cannot interview the driver who is on leave. All this has taken hours and hours of telephone calls and you never have a phone number to call anyone - they have to call you. Our insurance claim has already been denied, but we have filed an ethics complaint that the driver falsified a report by saying he met the customer, and by using a US mailbox.

We do not anticipate receiving any compensation from UPS, but we would warn anyone using a High Value service that there is no service - anything under 5000 dollars is simply not included, so UPS take a fee but provide no service. Even then, they say this is not an insurance, so it poses the question : what is this service, which is charged for ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Next time try asking for a copy of the signature of the receiver, assuming you paid for signature delivery, otherwise it's left to the driver's discretion.

BTW, did your ever think to read your contract and UPS 'Terms & Tariffs'?

That document spells out exactly what YOU are obligated to do re: packaging, what YOU are required to do for high value, what YOU are required to do to file a claim.

That document also spells out UPS obligations and their CDV program.

Start at the beginning, Dexter, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches by learning to read and stop taking things for granted.