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My biggest mistake EVER was ordering my entire New Year's Eve outfit 2 days before New Year's Eve and expecting that overnight delivery via UPS would actually work out for me. *sighs* UPS is the WORSE DELIVERY SERVICE. I had 5 packages that were to be delivered via UPS. I placed my orders on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 with Victoria's Secret and I chose one day shipping so my packages would arrive the next day on Thursday, December 30th. Everything seem to be going well. When I checked all my UPS tracking numbers the morning of Thursday, December 30th all packages were out for delivery.

Well except one. 1 package out of the 5 total there was an exception given to it.."DAMAGE REPORTED / DAMAGE CLAIM UNDER INVESTIGATION MERCHANDISE IS MISSING. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH ADDITIONAL DETAILS. / ALL MERCHANDISE MISSING, EMPTY CARTON WAS DISCARDED. UPS WILL NOTIFY THE SENDER WITH DETAILS OF THE DAMAGE" Goodness gracious!!! So already 1 of my UPS packages would not be delivered to me. Thank goodness that was just a bracelet and not a major factor to me. And Amazon immediately issued me a full refund for both the item price and shipping charge. Such a shame that Amazon had to clean up UPS's mess.

So ok.. on to the remaining 4 packages. I kept checking all day regarding status. They all kept the status out for delivery. I live in Brooklyn, NY where the major blizzard hit. And granted, there is difficulty navigating the streets due to lack of snow removal, etc.. I will admit that. However, I don't know how Dominos pizza delivery guys driving little Toyota Corollas, Cablevison technicians, FED EX delivery guys, ordinary people driving, navigates the streets just fine but UPS with their huge, big, brown trucks can't. They are the only ones that seem to have issues with delivering anything. Yeah, ok.

So anyway.. after calling UPS about 5 times through out the day regarding my delivery and them assuring me it will definitely be delivered today, I just felt something wasn't right. But UPS kept telling me, driver is still out with the package, it's peak season, drivers can deliver up until very late (even said as late as 10:30PM). ROTFL!! What a JOKE! But I indulged all the bs UPS was feeding me even though I knew better. I have dealt with UPS's horrible delivery service for more than 10 years. I KNOW better. I am used to their ridiculousness.

Finally around 8:30PM EST I just knew that UPS was not coming. After being lied to and given the run around and me questioning UPS, etc.. I was finally told that there was an EXCEPTION for my 4 packages. "EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL".. Oh how did I already know UPS was going to use the weather and snow as an excuse not to deliver?

So I was so livid at this point because I paid for next day delivery and UPS just would not give me a straight answer about delivery! They knew they was not able to deliver to me today for whatever bs reason they gave! So then I spoke to a William at UPS who told me my packages would be out for delivery tomorrow. I just don't trust UPS to even deliver tomorrow. If there are "supposed" emergency conditions today beyond UPS's control, how is that going to change by tomorrow? I asked the UPS representative can I just pick up my own packages. Its quite funny that UPS can't deliver to me, but I can get to them to pick up my packages. There are no emergency conditions beyond my control stopping me. *eyeroll* This representative William is going to tell me that yes I can pick up my packages and gave me the address of 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236. That is my local UPS horrible facility. I asked him what time I can pick up my packages. He tells me that first thing in the morning someone from UPS will call me to confirm a time. But then he tells me that the local facility is closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve). I asked him how the heck will I be able to pick up my packages if the local facility is closed then? He said no worries I will still be able to and someone will contact me. That made NO SENSE to me. I just said whatever. I didn't believe ANYTHING he told me. William sounded like he was just saying anything to try and pretend to give good customer service.

After I hung up with the UPS rep William, unsatisfied with his bs service I called both shippers, Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret provided me a full refund for this horrible UPS non-delivery. Again, Victoria's Secret cleaning up UPS's mess. And then I called and told them what a horrible UPS experience I was having with their packages being delivered. Amazon did a 3-way conference call with me and UPS. I spoke to yet another UPS rep (a woman this time) who said the conditions beyond UPS's control could be weather related. It could be that they are back logged with deliveries due to the weather. But ummmm, can someone please tell me how that is my problem when I paid for next day delivery? If UPS is back logged why are they even accepting more next day packages to deliver?! But also, this rep told me she is going to change the packages status back to just me waiting on delivery tomorrow. She said the facility is indeed closed tomorrow (Friday, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve) and the next available pick up would be for MOnday, January 3. So why did William give me different WRONG information? So she changed it back to me taking the chance for delivery tomorrow. Being that my packages are all Next Day Air Savers, those packages are the ones being delivered on December 31. But I am 99% sure my packages won't be delivered. And if they aren't, whenever UPS does decide to deliver I will just refuse the order and send the packages back to Victoria's Secrets and Amazon being that they were not delivered when I needed them and therefore are of no use to me anymore.

I am so sick of UPS's horrible service and will avoid them as a delivery service at all costs. I will try and stick to Fed Ex, DHL, even USPS. And again.. the local UPS facility at 10401 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236 is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!!I won't even attempt to speak to a supervisor at that location in the morning as I was advised. I am sure the supervisor won't give a *** either about my packages.

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@KC... I won't stoop down to your level of stupidity with my reply because obviously from what I can tell you are ignorant and a misguided CLUELESS soul.

I guess you know nothing about Victoria's Secret nor have you ever shopped with them. Victoria's Secret doesn't sell dresses, shoes, etc. in their retail stores. ONLY online.

So I had no choice but to purchase the dress online. So DUH to you. ;-)

@Peg I so feel your pain! Sorry you are going through this!

If I was you, I would DEFINITELY call the company you ordered from and tell them what is going on. Not sure if you have done this already. Sometimes maybe the companies have a better success rate getting to the bottom of things with UPS. Or at least making them more responsible!

You see how it is in Brooklyn now. Snow is clearing up and everything. UPS has no excuse! I do a lot of shopping online.

I ordered a pair of shoes on Monday for overnight delivery. Had no idea the shoe company would use UPS as well! *sighs* I get an email from the company via the UPS delivery. It said: "Delivery of your package may be delayed due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event.

UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We are sorry about this unavoidable delay and we appreciate your patience." I also trace my pkgs via text and got a similar text from UPS. I got right on the phone with the shoe company and UPS customer service again! I could not believe what was going on again!

Mind you the package had already arrived in Brooklyn so what kind of extreme weather condition was going on here that I was not aware of? I don't know what happened but my pkg was indeed delivered that same day! Maybe UPS was trying to be slick again but once I started running my mouth and sending out emails AGAIN, they was like, "Come *** or high water let's deliver this pkg to this woman!" LOL! Definitely call the company you ordered from Peg.

They should even refund you back any shipping charges you paid due to this inconvenience. I always get refunded back when UPS drops the ball. Also call UPS customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor. Also send an email to both ( and ( about what is going on.

I did and received a response back from customer service. I say complain, complain, complain. I guess I complained so much and would not let it go that they got sick of me.

Its ashame though. I wish you the best of luck!


This sounds EXACTLY like my issue with UPS, thats going on now! But instead of allowing me to p/u my package, i get a call NOT to come to p/u my package cause its on the truck,out for delivery today.

Yeah, OK! Im still waiting for it since last Tuesday! Im also in Broklyn, NY and Foster ave is my location as well, for UPS! I even put out a complaint with an arrogant female named CRYSTAL at that location!

Horrible service over there! Every time they tell me someone will call me in the morning or evening regarding my package, i get NO phone call.

But when that *** facility see's that i am going tp come and p/u my package, i get a call right away!

Im two seconds away from cancelling my order and telling UPS to return it to the company i ordered it from!


You are he big *** that orders an outfit you could have navigated the same streets in your car and gove to Victoria Secret and gotten the items your self DUH!!!


I agree. Earlier in the week the airports were closed.

Now we are at the end of the week. Things are still messy but business is flowing again. If UPS was backed up.. that is understandable.

But tell people that. They tell people what sounds good but don't stick by their word. Their service is ALWAYS horrible. It's not just this one time.

I finally got my packages delivered at 2:50PM EST. I bet that was only because I stayed on the phone with them all day following up. And I was promised 3 times to get call backs from a supervisor within the hour. Of course NEVER happened..

That just adds more fuel to the fire..

I am done with UPS and will avoid them at ALL costs.. *sighs*


They closed the airports in NYC. Just a theory, but that may have had something to do with it.