Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Upon receiving a UPS delivery, which my son, 38, watched from the kitchen window, the driver k turned and ran over our newly planted blueberry bushes. He ran over three, but fortunately only one was destroyed.

He denied his deed even with a witness. I reported the incident and was told by the manager UPS would not do anything about it, because it was our word against theirs. Every time I tried to get help I was sent back to the same manager with the same answer. UPS needs to take responsibility for their errors.

I will pursue this forever. I am also the owner of a business and will now not use UPS for delivery and will do everything in my power to avoid any shipments coming to my business and myself personally from UPS. The rule about everyone knowing at least 250 people will be used here by informing everyone I know to begin to boycott UPS.

JudyAnn L. Hitchcock

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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Just happened to us, UPS delivered a package then backed into our carport doing damage to it, mother-in-law witnessed it from kitchen window. Manager came out with driver and they are denying they did it.

Not sure what else I can do... Frustrated beyond belief!


That happened at our home in Oregon, too. A driver backed too far into our driveway (per his manager's own words when the manager came to see the damages), caught and broke one of our driveway trees with his truck.

When I looked out, saw him trying to simultaneously lift the tree off the truck while driving it out (to leave it), I went out. By then he was out of the truck trying to push the tree off it. When I walked up, he turned and said, 'I didn't do this'. I was like, what?

'Uh, YES, you DID.' Helped him remove it, to continue his route, then called the local UPS center. The manager drove out to our home. By then my husband was there and the driver was back; his manager verbally reprimanded him, then asked if we could come to an agreement that wouldn't put his accident on his record, which I asked if he'd just replace the tree. He agreed.

That was last winter (February). Late Spring, I contacted UPS again to let the manager know the guy hadn't replaced the tree. The guy called a couple days later, said he'd look for one.

Three weeks later I called the number he called me on, by then we were into the summer heat - bad time to plant a tree, so we agreed he'd call me this fall to take care of it. He has yet to call.


I am trying to file a property damage claim and can get nowhere with UPS. For two weeks they have not even given me the courtesy of a return call. Do you have a good contact number that I can try?


As a driver for ups i can honestly say that the way your claim was handled was horrible but i can also say that ups take this very seriously, Our supervisor would have come out to take pictures of the tire tracks and matched them with the package car that delivered your package. the driver than would have been either fired or suspended depending on past history.

There is also now technology in our tracks that will totally disprove driver if he is lying. Its called telematics, its tells every time a package car goes in reverse how fast, and how far.

We are trained to stay out of driveways when ever possible. I Hope you can put this behind you.


ups driver


I know what you mean, I had terrible service at a salon in PA one time, I'd hate to post a negative remark at Google though and damage their business.