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I sold a nice low end bass guitar on ebay. I insured the bass for the amount of the bid.

The buyer sent photographs that showed the bass severely damaged. I told im i'd file a claim give him a full refund and i did. I got a call from a lady with such a heavy accent i could barely understand what she said. She indicated UPS was denying the claim, i said i need to appeal that decision she said she would send an email.

She never did. I called today 2-28-16 and after maneuvering through their phone maze got a lady with an attitude that said they were denying the claim and there wasnt anything i could do about it. I asked to speak to her supervisor with even a worse attitude, who said get over it, we are not paying for damaging your package. She said she would send me an email.

AGAIN i have got nothing in writting from them. The damage that was done to this bass is only explained form EXTREME mishandling of the box.

THey either had to jump up and down on it, or drive over it. If anyone has any suggestions how to deal with this situation i welcome your advice

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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