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This is a letter I sent to UPS to try and explain what happened and that the incorrect charges by US customs should be paid by UPS and not me. I have already paid the $150 or so that I should be responsible for.


I have had a hard time with this shipment from the very beginning.

1. When it arrived it had a COD amount of over $500. I was not at my house and did not have a chance to talk to the driver. He left the usual note.

2. There was a second attempt to deliver. I was not home again.

3. I went by the UPS terminal to discuss the COD amount. I was not able to pay that much at the time and know what was in the package I suspected it was the cost of the Customs Brokerage and Duties. It seemed way to high to me and I knew there was something wrong. My plan was to refuse the shipment if I would not get a good understanding at the terminal what was wrong.

4. I asked them about the package and they said there was no COD on the package and let me sign for it. I should have insisted that they look closer but thought I might have misunderstood the hand writing of the driver.

5. I got an invoice in the mail about a week or so later.

6. I contacted UPS Customs. Spoke to Dani (502) 485-2818. We looked at codes used for calculating the duty. They were different that the ones the factory used on the commercial invoice. The UPS Customs had changed it to a different code. The code they used applied a 27% tax and the correct code should have been a 7% (my percentages might be off a bit).

7. Dani seemed to agree that the coding used was incorrect. She had me send pictures of the product (it was technical clothing made out of man made woven coated fabric).

8. She sent in the package to Customs to correct the error.

9. About 7 months later I got a notice that customs had denied the claim. The said no proof was sent as evidence. In that notice were photo copies of the pictures I had sent. I was barely able to make out that they were even pictures. They looked like a bunch of lines on the page, abstract are as it were. If this is what was sent then i can understand their decision.

In conclusion:

1. I tried to refuse the shipment, UPS employees failed to do their job and denied me the chance.

2. UPS Customs Brokers changed the Harmonizing Codes to the incorrect code.

3. UPS sent an incomplete and unreadable package to make the claim against Customs.

4. I do not feel that I should have to pay for the mistakes at UPS.

Monetary Loss: $341.

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