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UPS has no idea what Customer Service/Relations mean. I think they need a real competitor in the market to make them realize how upset people are !

I have daily - DAILY - deliveries by UPS my delivery guy is so nice and friendly.

UNTIL - a package was dropped off on my porch, at sunset when no one was home. You know what happened next, the package dissapeared. The retailer I purchased the item from was very helpful, sent the items again next day no problem. Guess they have heard about Customer Service, UPS on the other hand turned up with a form at my front door demanded I sign it saying I did not receive it, informed me they would be contacting the police AND sending out their own investigation team.

They also informed me that from now on I would have to sign for every delivery, even if there was no signature required. This would be a great plan if I wanted to be a hostage in my own home waiting for my daily deliveries ! At this point I thought I will talk to customer service, ummm Customer WHAT .... the representatives that passed me around on the telephone for nearly 30 minutes could not help me.

They informed me the dispatch supervisor from my depot would need to call me and no I could not have that number it is kept private ! Why I dont know because when she called me the caller ID showed the number. She also was so abrupt and rude I actually asked her what her issue was with me. I was a victim also.

She informed me she had over 500 calls to make today : I guess I am not the only one to have a package dissapear during this crazy time of year. BUT they make you think you are !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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