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As always there are delivery issues it seems with my address, this has been going on for years despite my constant talks with a variety of delivery companies and explicit details of my address and how to get to it.

Once again today was another UPS issue, I have written a blog about it, and had a chuckle when I read an old blog of mine re UPS that is almost a year old regarding the manner of delivery...

Tooting the horn whilst staying in the cab of the UPS van is nothing more than UPS gold... if you fancy have a read of these two posts, you might have a laugh and can say if you have had problems that were similar.

Thanks everyone, and very sorry to all that have had so many awful problems..

I`m sure you all wonder what it is that you are paying for, I do, and I know each time I have a delivery 'malfunction' as it were it costs even more in my time and money!

my blog is a wordpress one called Timeswheni

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are the mirrors in your house all broken?

if you have problems with a "variety of delivery companies" the problem is most likely YOU, not them.

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